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Patio furniture is a great investment for your outdoor living space, and can be used all year long if kept in the right conditions. If you're looking for a new theme, or just a simple seating arrangement for relaxing and entertaining, there are all types of patio furniture that can help make your house a home.

Patio furniture comes in different materials like plastic, wood or metal, but not all types are best for all climates and conditions. Plastic furniture is best if you plan on storing your outdoor arrangement after the summer season, but it doesn't last very long; plastic can crack and weather easily, which is why it's usually more inexpensive. A nice wooden set of patio furniture can last a lifetime if treated with the right sealant and stored in dry conditions. If you plan on setting your furniture out year round, wood is better able to handle different types of weather than either metal or plastic.

Metal patio furniture can rust if left out too long in wet weather, but is sturdier than plastic. There are pros and cons to each type of patio furniture, so make sure the set you choose is best for you.