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The most basic piece of office furniture is the desk. Every office needs at least one and larger offices will need many. Most should include a hutch for storing books, documents, CDs and other items that are frequently used for work. A separate printer stand can help make small desks seem larger.

Chairs are essential pieces of office furniture. Since workers will be spending a great deal of time in their chairs, they should be comfortable. The best chairs can be adjusted for arm and floor height. Those with small half backrests instead of full chair backs can usually be adjusted to give support where it is needed most. Mesh backed office chairs are also popular choices for workers who tend to get warm while working. Simple stationary chairs for one to two clients should also be considered an indispensable piece of office furniture even in small offices where clients rarely visit.

Filing cabinets are another must-have piece of office furniture. Though we live in an age where most documents are digital, it is still wise to keep hard copies of documents easily accessible in filing cabinets. Some desks even have built-in filing cabinets as an optional accessory.