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There are many types of bathroom furniture available that look great and save space. Essential furniture items include toilets, tubs, showers and sinks. Following close behind are toilet seats, cabinets, towel racks and fixtures. Once the basics are covered, many bathroom furniture and decor choices remain.

Bathrooms aren't often the largest of rooms, so bathroom furniture such as organizers and corner shelves can help avoid clutter. Shelving units known as etageres are also quite popular, especially the models that fit over toilets. These models allow for the wasted wall space above the toilet to become functional.

Many items also exist for inside the shower, including shower stools and shower organizers. A large number of people enjoy having ample space to store daily-use items such as shampoo, soap and other beauty products. Without the right bathroom furniture, a bathroom can quickly become disorganized.

When space is not an issue, many home owners decide to make their bathroom more luxurious with additional bathroom furniture. Vanities with mirrors, more floor cabinets, and even small tables and chairs can bring a bathroom design to a higher level. Further design details can be achieved by coordinating the styles of rugs, bath mats, and shower curtains.