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The search for fine antique furniture is like an endless treasure hunt. For many, the search itself is as important as the actual find. The popularity of "antiquing" continues to grow wildly, and the march of time ensures that the supply of hidden treasures tucked away in attics and sheds will not be drying up in the foreseeable future.

The dedicated antique furniture aficionado prepares for an antiquing expedition just as carefully as any big game hunter gears up for a safari in the wilds. The newspaper classifieds are scoured for antique furniture listings; and the locations of garage and estate sales and rural auctions are marked and mapped for special antiquing trips.

While it is true that nowadays the good finds grow increasingly rare, the good news is that with the online resources available in this modern Internet age antique furniture hunters are more educated, savvy and informed than ever, and online resources can be marshaled to assist in the never-ending search for that big antique furniture score.

Hunting for great deals on antique furniture has never been more fun and easy. More times than not the hunt comes up empty, but finding that one exquisite piece after a long search is always its own reward.