What’s on your walls?

To put it simply, wall décor is anything you might use to decorate your walls. From paintings, to mirrors via mounted lights, wall decor has become integral to making a house feel like a home or an office feel like a more enjoyable space.

Looking around you, what kind of wall decor do you see? The odds are your walls haven’t been left as big empty spaces because a vast empty surface can often feel suffocating. It can remind you that you are in a closed environment and not breathing fresh air.

In order to feel comfortable, people use any kind of decoration to personalise their living space and create an individual and homy atmosphere.

That’s why in smaller rooms, people often choose mirrors as wall décor. The illusion that the room you are in is actually twice as big really helps us feel more at ease and a lot less claustrophobic.

Alternatively, you might have the opposite problem and find yourself in a large room with big windows so the sentiment of having enough space is not an issue at all. In these environments, the wall decor tends to serve a completely different purpose. You might chose to decorate your room with traditional art in frames or on canvases; or opt for a more avant-garde style of wall decor and put up medallions, antique plates or clocks; or chose Bombay wall decor such as decorative light fixings and sconces that you can find on the shop’s website.

Whichever form of wall decor you choose, the first questions you need to ask yourself are simple: firstly, am I trying to achieve anything with my wall décor other than straightforward decoration? And secondly, will the pieces I am considering buying match the style of the items I already have or would like to have in the room?

Beyond these points, your choice of wall decor will all be down to a matter of personal taste and having enough flair to be able to find good quality items that will not only look premium enough but will also last for as long as you intend on keeping them in place! Often, second hand stores can inspire you and the big advantage is that you’ll definitely be the only one in your circle of friends to display a certain item on your wall.

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