Interior design doesn´t have to be expensive

If you’re on a limited budget, you may think that interior design is not for you, but creating your ideal space doesn’t have to be expensive. The dictionary simply defines interior design as the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

Second hand is first class

Second hand furniture is cheaper, and will last longer – it has already stood the test of time. You can choose Victorian or Edwardian tradition, or you could go for vintage. The 1930s brought good quality and innovation to the masses for the first time. The post-war period was awash with new ideas in interior design, as designers sought to sweep away the past, while the swinging sixties were full of fun items. Of course, you can also buy used contemporary furniture.

We’ve been called the throw-away society, but buying second hand enables you to recycle, instead of adding to wastage. Visit auctions to realise your interior design dreams, but watch out for sagging springs, lingering odours, and of course, wood worm. Pick hardwood such as oak or maple for durability, and keep softer pine for light use.

Create your own designs

If you can’t find what you want, try adapting your own stuff. You’ll develop an eye for what works, and you can put that into practice with purchases. Interior design is partly about flair, imagination, and the ability to innovate or improvise. Anything can be rubbed down, re-painted and re-invented.

You may be drawn to what’s known in interior design circles as the shabby chic look, treating worn pieces to a rough, bohemian finish. Another way to smarten a surface is to cover it with patterned wallpaper. A clear sealer will protect it

Fresh colours can lighten up your interior-Design

Fresh colours can lighten up your interior-Design

from further marking, and will prevent the paper from lifting. Metal furniture can also add a distinctive touch. Remove any rust patches, and re-paint with a durable powder coat recommended for this material.

A new colour can be a rebirth

A sofa can be re-upholstered, or a colourful throw will revitalise it instantly – interior design doesn’t have to be difficult. And don’t underestimate the value of accessories, whether it’s cushions for that sofa, or candles, mirrors and ornaments. Make a bold statement with a pair of bronze figures, for example.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be satisfied with your furniture as it is, and you want to make a feature of it. You’ll need to keep that in mind when planning the rest of your interior design and decoration. Whatever you decide, you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction and achievement when you finish.

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