Buying used office furniture online

The advantages and disadvantages of buying used office furniture are rather obvious.

The primary advantage is, of course, that you can grab yourself a real bargain. You’d be surprised by the quality and range of office furniture available on a variety of websites competing with each other to offload stock left behind by closing down offices at the best of prices.

Used office furniture

Your motives don’t have to be purely economical. Indeed, ecologically, you will also be doing the world a favour by not encouraging mass production of further office furniture when so much of it is already available in excellent condition. Buy your office furniture online and not only are you saving trees but you are also sparing perfectly usable items from ending in landfill. If you are in any way concerned about your carbon footprint, this choice seems like a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, like for all second hand furniture, the disadvantages are similarly obvious. You may have to deal with the odd scuffs and scratches. You might not be able to get the quantity you need in the model of your choice and the stock might no longer be on sale meaning that if your office furniture gets damaged or if you need more of it, you may not be able to buy further matching pieces.

As for the advantages of buying office furniture online rather than from a warehouse (whether it sells new or used stock), aside from the likeliness of it being cheaper, the ability to view pictures of the stock you are interested in is evidently a big advantage. Indeed you don’t always know what you might come across if you go shopping without checking the stock out online first and your trip could end up being a waste of time.

At the end of the day, there is an endless list of factors which will influence your decision. The number of items required, the items you already have, the amount of space available in your office or home office and perhaps most importantly, personal preference. But if you are in the market for some office furniture, the web is always worth a look!

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