Buying and Selling Used Kids Furniture Online

Buying and selling used kids furniture online is a tricky business; how do you know what is of good quality and safe to use, and what is fit for the scrap heap? And how do you make sure people know that what you are selling is up to standard? With the handy tips in this guide you will be sure to keep your children safe and happy, while saving a few pounds in the process.

It might sound obvious, but make sure that your prospective purchase has no obvious dangerous breakages before purchase. If you are buying kids furniture online take a very careful look at the pictures and try to determine what the pictures aren’t showing you. It is probably worth your while to email the seller to ask about breakages before putting in an offer. If you have written confirmation that nothing of the item you are after is broken it will strengthen your case for a refund should the need arise.

Look out for discolouration of any kids furniture you are buying; these could indicate that an item of furniture has not been well looked after, since you don’t want kids furniture which has been left out in the rain, or in a dirty garage. Equally, look out for stains or water damage, which can be indicative of second hand furniture that hasn’t been well kept, and you really don’t want your kids touching. Kids furniture is often brightly coloured, so this should be decently easy to spot from the offset. If you’re the crafty type, you can very well purchase¬†items with minor defects and spend some time staining them to give them a second life, and in the process apply colors that are more in harmony with those your children’s bedrooms.

Kids furniture

Ask Questions
An important aspect of buying kids furniture second hand is to ask questions to the seller. If they have nothing to hide they will be quick to respond to your perfectly reasonable questions, as this is the best way for them to make a sale. If a seller avoids your questions, or does not reply at all, it may be best to steer clear of their wares for fear there is something amiss.

So all in all, exercising common sense when purchasing kids furniture is the best advice of all. Combining this with looking out for the warning signs of dodgy kids furniture will make sure that your kids get only the best!

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